Pcounter Issues – Not printing from any PC when the printer has been put on a Pcounter port – especially HP printers

If having problems the printers not printing on Pcounter, make sure you do the below when creating a new port.

  1. Open up Pcontrol
  2. Right click on the server you have under quick server list, click Pcounter, and then configuration
  3. Click on printers at the left, and click view non-Pcounter printer in the drop down menu at the top
  4. Double click on the printer you want, then create a new Pcounter port
  5. Now this is the important bit that you have to change, especially with HP printers, where it says protcol, make sure it’s selected to LPR, not TCP/IP. Then make sure the Printer/Queue name is selected to AUTO.
  6. Name your port and click next.

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