Wiping A HPE 5510 Switch

When Switch is booting up and you see the below, keep pressing Ctrl+B.


Press Ctrl+D to access BASIC BOOT MENU

Press Ctrl+T to start heavy memory test

You will then see the below after CTRL+B has been recognised in the correct part


1. Download image to flash

2. Select image to boot

3. Display all files in flash

4. Delete file from flash

5. Restore to factory default configuration

6. Enter BootRom upgrade menu

7. Skip current system configuration

8. Set switch startup mode

9. Set The Operating Device

0. Reboot


Ctrl+F: Format file system

Ctrl+P: Change authentication for console login

Ctrl+R: Download image to SDRAM and run

Ctrl+C: Display Copyright

Press 4

Then look for the startup.cfg file. In this instance it is 11

Deleting the file in flash:

File Number    File Size(bytes)     File Name


1(*)           6825984              flash:/5510hi-cmw710-boot-r1311p02.bin

2(*)           74602496             flash:/5510hi-cmw710-system-r1311p02.bin

3              168426               flash:/startup.mdb

4              20                   flash:/.snmpboots

5              591                  flash:/serverkey

6              735                  flash:/hostkey

7              2398                 flash:/pki/https-server.p12

8              536                  flash:/versionInfo/version1.dat

9              536                  flash:/versionInfo/version0.dat

10             8                    flash:/versionInfo/versionCtl.dat

11(*)          19401                flash:/startup.cfg

12             2993009              flash:/logfile/logfile.log

13             796                  flash:/license/DeviceID.did

14             1009                 flash:/license/CN65H10065.did

15             61771776             flash:/5510hi-cmw710-system-r1122p02.bin

16             10720256             flash:/5510hi-cmw710-boot-r1122p02.bin

17             1005                 flash:/ifindex.dat

18             168426               flash:/.trash/startup.mdb_0001

19             19401                flash:/.trash/startup.cfg_0001

20             100                  flash:/.trash/.trashinfo

Free space: 378048512 bytes

The current image is 5510hi-cmw710-boot-r1311p02.bin

(*)-with main attribute

(b)-with backup attribute

(*b)-with both main and backup attribute

Please input the file number to change: 11

The file you selected is startup.cfg,Delete it? (Y/N):Y


Type 11 and enter. Then type Y to delete. You can go back into the above menu and you will see there is no startup.cfg.

Reboot the switch with 0 and enter

When the below comes up hit CTRL+C to cancel. Then the switch is fully wiped.

System is starting…

Cryptographic algorithms tests passed.

Startup configuration file does not exist.

Performing automatic configuration… Press CTRL_C or CTRL_D to break.

Automatic configuration attempt: 1.

Not ready for automatic configuration: no interface available.

Waiting for the next…