Reinstall Net2 Access Control

If you are replacing a PC with Net2 installed with a new PC that you need to install Net2 on, you will need to do the below.


Log into current version of Net 2

Default password is net2

Find the software version of Net2 e.g. 5.04.5612.5750

To download the software you will have to change the version to a 7 digit code. e.g. 5045612

Then replace the zeros below with the 7 digit code.

Paste the above link into a browser and it will download your software version.


While that is downloading, log into the current version of Net 2 Configuration Utility and go to the Database and then click Copy Database. Save the zip file somewhere so you can import it on the new install.


Once the software has downloaded, run the setup.exe and click all the default options. Once installed open the Net2 Configuration Utility. Go to Database and click Import Copy. Then direct it to the backup you created. Net 2 is now fully installed.

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