Setup BGInfo on a Network

To setup BGInfo so that it applies to all users desktops on the domain, do the following

Copy BGInfo.exe to a network share. \\server1\apps for example

Then create a info file (.bgi) by opening BGInfo.exe and adding the information you want. Then file – save as

Make sure the .bgi is saved with the BGInfo.exe

Then you need to create a shortcut to both of the files with the /SILENT /NOLICPROMPT and /TIMER:0 parameters. See below example

\\server1\apps\BGInfo\Bginfo.exe \\server1\apps\BGInfo\STUDENT.bgi /SILENT /NOLICPROMPT /TIMER:0

This shortcut will then open fine on desktop if you run it manually. If you want to deploy this via GPO you will just have to create a batch file that opens the shortcut you created.

Apply the bat file to Userconfig\Policies\Windows settings\Scripts\Logon

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