Serif Suite Stating it Can’t Access “C:\users\admin\Appdata” with multiple error boxes appearing

Serif WebPlus, PhotoPlus, PagePlus, MoviePlus and DrawPlus is coming up with multiple errors about accessing the local admin AppData folder when logged on with error another local account or network account. This will be the user that installed the programs. To stop the errors appearing you need to do the below.

Delete the below folders:

*your user account probably isn’t admin, but just use what ever account is appearing in the error




Delete the below registry items









If you want to do this via GPO you can create a new GPO and go to ComputerConfiguration\Preferences\Windows Settings\

And go to Folders and right click new folder and set the action to delete and put in the folders above, you’ll have to create two folders to delete.

The same can be done for Registry as well buy right clicking and new Registry Item and set the action to delete and put the registry item in there. Again you’ll have to create a new delete registry for each one.


For future reference as well. When installing Serif on an image or just on one machine, it is best to copy all the install files the local hard drive then install from there, don’t install from disc or from the network installer especially as this is what can cause the issues in the first place.

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